Red Ribbon Week

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Sweet Candy Reminders To Promote Drug Prevention

Red Ribbon Week stands as the most popular drug prevention event in schools throughout the nation. Celebrated in classrooms through theme events and activities, students wear red ribbons to symbolize their commitment to a drug free life. Students and teachers can be rewarded for their participation with fun assemblies as well as Red Ribbon Week giveaways. Red Ribbon Week candy, custom printed with drug free messages can be given to students who wear their red ribbons throughout the week. Since the event ends on Halloween each year, a drug free lollipop or chocolate bar is a fitting gift to the classroom participants.

Putting Red Ribbon Week candy to another productive use, schools can hold fundraisers to support drug free campaigns and activities throughout the year. Selling Red Ribbon Week candies such as chocolate bars and lollipops at pep rallies and homecoming events, organizers can raise funds that will help kids stay active and away from the influences of drugs.